You are not in Turkey

Scott Sumner recently wrote a post listing some of the features of banana republics. For my country, Turkey, it is obvious that almost all are correct(except #15). Considering that the same government has existed for 20 years, it might be worse not to have that.

From this point of view, Pelosi’s statement becomes more meaningful. As the US is on its way to becoming a banana republic, opponents do not even know how to fight Trump. I am almost certain that Trump will be re-elected. And if this happens, we will see a new stage for Trump: “a man with literally nothing to constrain him”(e. g. impeachment, keeping the GOP on the line, re-election).

This article is worth reading:

(…)As long as the GOP anchors its fortunes in Trumpian decadence rather than competent, philosophically coherent leadership, there’s little chance of escape.

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