The Course of Empire: Banana on the Potomac

“Democracy is the most delicate flower in the world. It is tolerance, compromise, and dialogue that makes it alive.”

What happened in the United States today is only a teaser of the vandalism that will be faced when the general principles that sustain liberal democracies are eroded over time. The Principle of the Rule of Law, tolerance, and values of Open Society- we have seen again how important these principles are.

The United States was built on the values that reflect the pure belief in freedom in its roots. However, these values have started to erode a long time ago and this process, which has accelerated in recent years, has finally reached the stage of a banana republic.

The important thing here is to understand that the problem is not just about Trump. Trump is not a cause, but a result of the circumstances that brought him up.

Perhaps the roots of the problem lie in the founding process of the US. The most fatal mistake of the Founding Fathers was that the system is the product of such bonafide naivety from its founders that it is always based on the assumption that only decent people will be presidents. The real world is not like this, and both our historical experience and the reality we encounter prove that this assumption is not correct.

In fact, if only the Founding Fathers could attach a little more importance to the classical liberals’ views on the government and the nature of power. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men…”

But instead, the US system was formed around an elected king. The reason Presidents have such massive authority is that the system is designed for an elected king, not a President. This may seem plausible, perhaps going back to 1776. However, this system should not have continued even for 100 years.

The US system only encourages reach a consensus on the unresolved issues. It encourages problems not to be solved on purpose. This is one of the reasons why, despite the fact that the United States experienced one of the bloodiest civil wars in history 160 years ago, still harbored the internal contradictions that led to that war, which is deepened today.

Look at this:

The truth told by this photo is very clear. Looks like it was taken when the barbarians who plundered Rome 1600 years ago were entering the Flavian Palace. But no, the photo was taken in 2021. Sack of DC, huh?

For a while I’ve been claiming that the US is becoming a banana republic. Does anyone still disagree with my claim?

P.S: Libertarians must stand against Trump even more strongly from today on everywhere and on every single issue:


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I think you are right especially libertarianism part.Alt-Right used libertarianism in favor of their agenda.Libertarianism was the mask they hide.So I think ,like you mention, Liberterians must stand against these barbarians.Because there are so many threat against our liberty and, I believe, We need libertarianism.
P.S. Sorry about my English