Further thoughts on the election and voters

The post-election events showed that the United States is far ahead on the road to becoming a banana republic. Before the 1990s, only the 1960 election was considered dubious. On the other hand, rumors of election fraud spread about the last four presidents.

  • The Supreme Court stole the 2000 election.
  • (According to Trump and his followers)Obama was not born in America.
  • The 2016 election was a Russian conspiracy.
  • Biden stole the selection.

It never ends and neither is true.

P.S: This Twitter flood caught my eye:

Pretty interesting. Focus groups can give you important information about voter profiles (especially if in swing states).

Not surprising, because covid-19 is a supply shock. Normally, due to the permanent income theory, saving tends to fall during recessions and rise during the boom – we expect people to temporarily maintain above-normal income streams.

But the covid-19 recession is not an ordinary recession. The epidemic triggered savings rates to reach much higher levels as consumers continued to purchase services. This lowered interest rates and 30-year mortgage rates fell below 3% for the first time recently. This increase in savings also tends to push sectors less affected by the epidemic(for instance, housing) up.

Well, to be honest, Americans are so incredible. They stop maturing at 8.

Nothing much to say. One corrupt son is better than two.

I was quite surprised by this but glad. I was expecting the image of the extreme left wing of the party to be different. People often think of a minority that is very popular in the media as the majority.

That’s why language really matters. These same people were against “defunding the police.” Reminds me of those “man on the street” interviews where the same people say they support the ACA but hate ObamaCare.

The myth of the rational voter. And this is exactly the biggest handicap of the poll industry.

Hereby we can finally realize how important Brennan’s book is.

P.P.S: I may not be able to post for a while due to my busyness. On the other hand, I have a post series plan with the “back to the basics” theme. Ultimately, this is the purpose of market monetarism.

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