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I moved to Substack

I decided to move this blog to Substack. My new address will be this: The Money Mischief | Kürşad Görgen | Substack

A Personal Note

First of all, I have to say that this post will be radically different from other posts on my blog. I’ve never written a personal post here before. Of course, there were texts where I shared my personal feelings, but I shared this in Turkish on Medium and did it (dare to say) more poetically. […]

Economics failing us. What about the EconTwitter?

There has been a buzz on EconTwitter and academia lately. I think the first thing I saw on this was Tyler Cowen’s post, where he compared blogs and Twitter. Although I preferred to use Twitter until last year, then I opened this blog for my own reasons. Even though it is a topic that I […]

About This Blog

Welcome to my blog on the interminable problems of macroeconomics, especially monetary policy. Veteran blog readers will quickly notice that I am not a common blogger, yet I could no longer resist the positive feelings about starting this blog. All of the recent events(the recession due to covid-19, adoption of FAIT, etc.) show that we […]