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Welcome to my blog on the interminable problems of macroeconomics, especially monetary policy.

All of the recent events(COVID-19 recession, FAIT, etc.) show that we are on the verge of change. However, the most important problems of macroeconomics still remain unresolved. Indeed, one goal of this blog is to show that we have fundamentally misdiagnosed the nature of the business cycles and monetary policy.

For several years I have written floods on Twitter and Medium, especially on the Great Recession, business cycles, NGDP Targeting, and Market Monetarism. This summer I noticed that these places are unfortunately not suitable for me, I simply couldn’t fit in 280 characters. I needed long-running blog posts, not floods trapped in 280 characters.

I know that a blog must be more interesting than a research paper, so I’ll circle around these issues. I’d like to mix together observations on current political or economic events, commentary on other economic blogs.

I welcome any serious comments.

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That is good things to start. I am excited to read your blogs. The world needs a new set of economic parameters that can handle the crisis. And current system can’t handle the current and upcoming crisis(I think there is echo of upcoming crisis)


How perfect can monetarist central planning of an economy get, teach us.