All posts for the month September, 2020

You are not in Turkey

Scott Sumner recently wrote a post listing some of the features of banana republics. For my country, Turkey, it is obvious that almost all are correct(except #15). Considering that the same government has existed for 20 years, it might be worse not to have that. From this point of view, Pelosi’s statement becomes more meaningful. […]

Grasping the Root

The Joint Economic Committee recently published a new annual report, written by Alan Cole. In my opinion, the report is ten times better than all of the qualified economic journals written in 2020.It’s not possible to review the entire report here, but I will share some parts that I like. Let’s start with the Great […]

Lessons From the Past

Studying pre-modern economic history and economic trends can teach a lot. You can take many different perspectives, especially when studying the first invention of money, the Roman period (specifically the 3rd-century crisis), and the High Medieval economy. Years ago, while studying pre-modern economic history for the first time, I wondered how money was invented. Until […]

Blooming Hopes

Market monetarism has a unique position among macroeconomic schools of thought, as it is established on the Internet (specifically in the blogosphere). Of course, this has advantages as well as disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that it is the first and a pioneer in this regard. It seems obvious to me that this has made […]